We know that attending meetings is a costly endeavor and we do everything within our power to keep costs as low as possible for our Annual Meeting attendees, including hotel costs. However, before you attempt to find a cheaper hotel online please consider the following:

The Plant Growth Regulation Society of America carefully screens host hotels before making any decision to host a meeting at a particular hotel. Although the room rate offered by a hotel is a major factor in the decision-making process it is not the only factor. We also consider meeting room rental fees, food and beverage costs as well as property amenities for attendees and their families.

To keep costs as low as possible, the PGRSA makes certain commitments to our host hotels by guaranteeing them a certain number of rooms will be occupied by our meeting attendees. In exchange, the host hotels offer us concessions in the form of free meeting room space, complimentary guest wi-fi access, reduced food and beverage minimums and other perks.

If we fail to meet our room night commitments, we are faced with hefty penalty fees. Attendees who chose to stay at the non-host hotel receive the benefits of the host hotel, but don’t contribute to us meeting our room night commitments. Therefore, the PGRSA Steering Committee has instituted a "Facilities Usage Fee" policy for those who attend our meeting, but choose not to stay at the host hotel.

The $250 Facilities Usage Fee will only apply to those who are registered for the meeting, but choose not to stay at the host hotel. We encourage all attendees to avoid this fee by staying at the host hotel. Please note that if you are sharing a room with another meeting attendee, both of your names must appear on the hotel reservation otherwise you will be obligated to pay this fee and will not receive your meeting registration materials until it is paid. For members who live within a 50-mile radius of the meeting venue and choose to commute daily to the meeting the fee will be waived with proof of address.

Staying at the host hotel makes it easy to enjoy the meeting and socialize with your fellow attendees inside and outside of the formal meeting activities, and ensures that future meeting costs remain as low as possible.